Adventure Activities in Greece

Greece is an amalgamation of a series of idyllic islands that are surrounded by jet blue seas and covered in dainty white buildings, and also crumbling ruins, engaging museums, and pretty coastal towns aplenty. Greece is graced with blue water, warm winds, undersea life, dramatic cliff faces, flourishing forests and ancient walkways – but only recently have visitors looked up from their sun loungers to notice.
If you’re a novice kite surfer or avid cyclist, if you want to hike deep gorges or ski from lofty heights, opportunities abound.

Snorkelling can be enjoyed just about anywhere along the coast of Greece and equipment is cheaply available. Especially good spots to don your fins are Monastiri on Paros, Paleokastritsa on Corfu, Xirokambos Bay on Leros and anywhere off the coast of Kastellorizo (Megisti).
Greek law insists that diving be done under the supervision of a diving school in order to protect the many antiquities in the depths of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Until recently dive sites were severely restricted, but many more have been opened and diving schools have flourished.

Strong winds prevail in Greece eight months per year. Greece’s natural environment and winds satisfy all kite surfing preferences; from a sandy beach with turquoise waters and strong winds for speed to large waves to pull off various fancy kite-surfing maneuvers, or a combination of both.
Greece being one of Europe’s most popular kite surfing havens, combine to create a kite surfer’s paradise; whether for beginners looking to practice in a safe bay with steady winds, advanced kite surfers seeking something beyond elementary standards, or just anyone interested in engaging in this water sport during the winter season Greece’s best kite surfing locations.

Put on your rafting waistcoat and helmet, embark on your boat and off we go to explore the splendid water paths of Greek nature! A perfect activity for action and nature lovers alike, rafting is the ideal way to discover secluded spots of unparalleled beauty while sailing past deep gorges and evergreen mountain slopes.
The famous Zagorochoria, the great Tzoumerka, the historic Ioannina, the whole Epirus area will enchant you with its beautiful rivers, Dragon Lakes, pristine forests, vast valleys, imposing canyons, mountains and endless rare natural beauties this place is blessed with!
While spring and autumn are the best times, with high water levels and decent weather, many operators offer trips year-round on the larger rivers.

Much of Greece is mountainous and, in many ways, a hiker’s paradise. Popular routes are well walked and maintained; Northern Greece has plenty of rugged hiking terrain, especially around the Zagorohoria in the Pindos Mountains and the hill trails around Prespa Lakes.
On small islands you will encounter a variety of paths, including kalderimia, which are cobbled or flagstone paths that have linked settlements since Byzantine times.
Spring (April to June) is the best time for hiking; the countryside is green and fresh from the winter rains, and carpeted with wildflowers. Autumn (September to October) is another good time, but July and August, when temperatures rise to around 40°C (104°F), are not much fun.