It’s the perfect blend of sun, sea, and parties, a combination of sight-seeing, swimming, dancing the night away or simply wasting your days by the beach – Mykonos is perfect for all ages and preferences. The white buildings, beautiful clear blue beaches, the little windy streets of the Mykonos town, every part of Mykonos has something special. This only makes it harder when trying to decide where to stay in Mykonos.

So you have two options.

Option 1: You can revel in the beach areas of Mykonos, most of them have an array of restaurants and bars nearby (keeping in mind that you will need either a car or a bus to go to town).

Option 2: Or stay where most of the action happens, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Mykonos. By staying in those parts of the city, you can be close to both – the restaurants, bars and cafes and the beach!

Best place to stay in Mykonos – Stay in a beach resort

Psarou beach
Psarou can easily be considered the most cosmopolitan beach on the island, and one of the liveliest in all of Mykonos. It has organized sandy beaches, perfect clear waters with just the right temperature, incredible water facilities, and a row filled with restaurants, beach clubs and much more.

Agios Ioannis beach
This has been called the most beautiful beach on the island with pristine blue waters that shimmer under the sunlight, amazing views over the island of Delos and stretches of white sand. Interestingly enough, the sea is divided by one rock in the middle thus creating two sides to the beach.

Elia Beach
It is the ideal place for honeymooners or those looking to live a fancy live for a day and people-watch. You’ll find the picturesque seaside contrasted with the crystal clear waters, and a range of watersports are offered at the beach. There are all types of activities from waterskiing, windsurfing and parasailing to simply lying on the bench and sleeping in the sun.

Platys Gialos Beach
This is one of the most popular beaches on the island, filled with lively people moving the place with their energy, golden sands, turquoise watersand many hotels. It’s also one of the biggest beaches, and it’s known for its outstanding climate, its peaceful weather, and its easy access. There is a bus service that takes you to Mykonos Town every half an hour.

Best place to stay in Mykonos – Stay in Mykonos Town

Mykonos Town
A labyrinth of narrow pebble-paved alleys, white-washed houses, attractive scenery and picturesque surroundings, Mykonos Town is the liveliest place in all of Mykonos. Cyclades architecture dominates the place with hints of blue and white blending together to create the quintessential Mykonos look, hundreds of people walking around, an immense feeling of energy around you and incredible places to shop – Mykonos Town is the place to be!

This is where you stay for an unforgettable holiday, one that mixes the craziness of Mykonos Town and the peace and tranquility of the beach area! There are a lot of excellent accommodation options, and you can spend your day relaxing by its quiet beach and then going out at night, thus moving completely at your own pace.
You can watch the most incredible sunsets, and you can still take advantage of the hustle and bustle of Mykonos Town!